REDFLAG empowers young women to recognize their value and potential.  This seven-week educational course is taught in a comfortable and fun environment amongst peers.  REDFLAG educates young women to identify and prevent unhealthy relationships. This course develops leaders within our community.  These leaders will bring about change in the lives of others while accepting nothing less than healthy relationships within their own life.

REDFLAG combines three key principles to build young people’s relationship skills:

(1) prevent dating abuse,

(2) develop assets and leadership skills – two protective factors, and

(3) give back to the community through volunteer opportunities.

REDFLAG equips young women ages 12-18 with the knowledge, resources, and tools to avoid unhealthy relationships and understand how to form healthy relationships for their future. The curriculum’s seven modules include:

  • = Respect – Respect yourself.
  • = Expect disrespect – Disrespect will happen in life.
  • D = Decide –Decide what you’re going to do when disrespected.
  • F = Future – What will your future look like if you accept disrespect?
  • L = Lead – Lead, don’t be led.
  • A = Authentic – In a world where can be anyone, be yourself.
  • G = Gift – Your life is a gift…who are you giving your gifts to?

Participants will come away with a better understanding of:

  • How to recognize red flags in dating abuse
  • How to identify the different forms of dating abuse
  • How to recognize their true potential
  • How to set clear boundaries and define true values
  • How to have effective goal setting
  • How to increase leadership skills
  • How to apply respect in their everyday life
  • How to increase self-esteem
  • How to make a positive impact in their community through volunteering
  • How to nurture healthy relationships with parents and friends

REDFLAG develops teens’ assets and leadership skills by empowering them to recognize their value and potential and encouraging them to give back to the community through volunteer opportunities. Statement has brought the core messages of REDFLAG to more than 2,000 teenagers since 2012.

If you’re interested in hosting REDFLAG at your organization, please contact us today!