Making a Statement in Schools

Mead High School 2016

One of Statement’s long-term goals is to be an integral part of the¬†school health curriculum and teach our dating abuse prevention program during school hours. We have made our first leap toward that goal this spring. In May, Mead High School invited Statement to teach a 2-day dating abuse class to more than 120 freshmen and sophomore students. Their feedback is clear: this curriculum is needed in schools.

“Thank you for spreading awareness. I didn’t know about all the different forms of abuse and how it presents itself. Your time with the class just reassures that we are valuable and priceless and we deserve to be who we are.”

“It was great. There was a lot of good information. What would make it even better would be if it was geared equally to guys as well as girls, but I know you’re working on it :)”

“I wish that I would’ve known this information a long time ago so I could’ve realized my boyfriend of that time was abusive and I was able to get out of that long before I did.”

We look forward to expanding our program to a full-unit segment within the school setting in 2017. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about our programs!